Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for June 11-17, 2021...

155 years ago June 13, 1866 Dutch comics pioneer Johannes Franciscus Nuijens is born. The Dutch teacher and comics artist drew as “Korporaal Achilles.”

145 years ago June 17, 1876 French artist Charles Genty is born.

135 years ago June 11, 1886 Cartoonist Ippei Okamoto is born. He forms a Japanese cartoonists’ organization and introduces U.S. strips to Japan.

125 years ago June 17, 1896 Rudolf Petersson is born. The award-winning Swedish artist is known for his work on Hjälpsamme Jönsson.

120 years ago June 15, 1901 Pioneering Spanish writer-artist José Luis Pellicer dies at age 59. He was co-director of the El Mundo Cómico magazine.

120 years ago June 16, 1901 Otto Waffenschmied is born. The German artist and editor of the children’s magazine Dideldum writes and draws the Jan und Hein children’s book series.

115 years ago June 17, 1906 The final episode of Willy Cute by Joseph A. Lemon is published.

110 years ago June 11, 1911 Dutch artist Peter Beekman is born.

100 years ago June 13, 1921 Doug Tainsh is born. The Australian cartoonist and gag writer creates the panel cartoon Cedric.

95 years ago June 14, 1926 Walt Wallet marries Phyllis Blossom in Frank King’s Gasoline Alley.

85 years ago June 15, 1936 King Features introduces Room and Board with Judge Puffle by Gene Ahern.

80 years ago June 15, 1941 Writer, editor, influential artist, and co-founder of Continuity Associates Neal Adams is born.

75 years ago June 12, 1946 Editor, writer, and publisher George Olshevsky is born. The researcher compiles the Official Marvel Comics Index.

75 years ago June 12, 1946 Lena the Hyena speaks for the first time in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner.

75 years ago June 13, 1946 Lena the Hyena is seen for the first time in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner, but where her face would be is covered by a label: “To the reader: In printing this comic strip, the editor of this paper reserves the right to delete any material, written or drawn, which in his judgment is too terrifying, depressing or nauseating for family readership.”

75 years ago June 15, 1946 Artist Charles Forbell dies at age 61. He was especially known for Naughty Pete and many advertising cartoons.

65 years ago June 12, 1956 Writer-artist Scott Roberts is born. He creates Patty Cake.

65 years ago June 13, 1956 Artist Frank Cirocco is born.

60 years ago June 17, 1961 Artist Jim Somerville is born. He’s known for work for Aircel, Malibu, and Dark Horse.

60 years ago June 17, 1961 Cartoonist and Fantagraphics art director Pat Moriarty is born.

50 years ago June 12, 1971 The first issue of the British comic book Knockout is published and introduces Fuss Pot by Norman Mansbridge.

50 years ago June 17, 1971 Quincy begins from King Features, created by Ted Shearer.

40 years ago June 11, 1981 Award-winning Indonesian-Dutch artist Eppo Doeve dies at age 73. He was a political cartoonist and appeared on radio and TV.

40 years ago June 15, 1981 The Kudzu comic strip begins, created by Pulitzer Prize winner Doug Marlette.

35 years ago June 13, 1986 Dick Tracy gets a two-way wrist computer in the strip written by Max Allan Collins and drawn by Dick Locher.

25 years ago June 11, 1996 Spanish animator and artist Jorge Ginès (who worked as “Gin”) dies at age 65.

25 years ago June 15, 1996 Belgian writer-editor Daniël Omer de Kesel (who worked as “Nonkel Fons”) dies at age 84. He promoted comics as a means of education.

20 years ago June 14, 2001. Writer-artist and Katy Keene fan Barb Rausch dies at age 60.

20 years ago June 15, 2001 Belgian artist and animator Hugo De Reymaeker (who often worked as “Hurey”) dies at age 63. He was especially known for De Fratsen van Jan Heibel.

20 years ago June 17, 2001 Award-winning Costa Rican artist Hugo Díaz Jiménez dies of bone marrow cancer at age 70, one day before his 71st birthday. He was known as the “father of the national cartoon.”

15 years ago June 11, 2006 Painter Tim Hildebrandt dies from complications of diabetes at age 67.

15 years ago June 14, 2006 Writer-artist Jean Roba dies at age 75. He was the award-winning creator of Boule et Bill and La Ribambelle.

15 years ago June 15, 2006 Czech artist Frantisek Kobik dies at age 72. He was known for his work for the magazine ABC.

10 years ago June 17, 2011 Green Lantern opens, starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.