Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for September 22-28, 2023...

150 years ago September 28, 1873 Dutch educational comics artist Johannes Kesler is born.

120 years ago September 24, 1903 German artist Emmerich Huber is born.

115 years ago September 22, 1908 Artist F.M. Howarth dies of pneumonia at age 43. A pioneer in narrative comics, he was known for his “sawed off” people style. He created Lulu and Leander and Mr. E.Z. Mark.

115 years ago September 28, 1908 French artist Robert Rigot is born.

115 years ago September 28, 1908 Artist and Quality Comics editor George Brenner is born. He creates Alias the Clock.

105 years ago September 28, 1918 Belgian Artist Jean Vermeire is born.

100 years ago September 22, 1923 Jack Berrill is born. The writer-artist creates the sports strip Gil Thorp.

100 years ago September 28, 1923 Writer-artist Dick Cavalli is born. He’s best known for the Morty Meekle and Winthrop comic strips.

95 years ago September 24, 1928 Writer-artist Daniel Robert Aguila is born. Also known as “El Dani,” the editorial cartoonist also works on such strips as Student Life and Barrio Breeze.

95 years ago September 25, 1928 Croatian artist Julio Radilović is born. He also uses the name “Jules,” is president of the union of Yugoslav comics artists, and works on such features as Kapetan Lesi and Herlock Sholmes.

95 years ago September 25, 1928 Comic strip pioneer Richard Felton Outcault dies at age 65 following an illness. The writer-artist created The Yellow Kid and Buster Brown and is credited by some as the instigator of the modern comic strip.

90 years ago September 25, 1933 Dan Dunn begins as a newspaper strip by Norman W. Marsh, who introduced the character in the earlier publication Detective Dan: Secret Operative No. 48.

90 years ago September 28, 1933 Saturday Evening Post cartoon editor and New Yorker staff cartoonist Charles Barsotti is born. He creates Sally Bananas and more.

85 years ago September 23, 1938 French artist Jean-Claude Mézières is born. He is best known for co-creating (with Pierre Christin) Valérian and Laureline.

85 years ago September 26, 1938 Belgian writer Raoul Cauvin is born. Lambiek describes him as “one of Europe’s most successful and productive scriptwriters of humorous comics and one of the pillars of … publishing house Dupuis.”

85 years ago September 27, 1938 Ko Woo-young is born. The award-winning South Korean is a major manhwa artist.

80 years ago September 27, 1943 Grandma Duck is introduced as a character in the Donald Duck comic strip by Bob Karp and Al Taliaferro. (Her picture was shown three years earlier.)

75 years ago September 22, 1948 The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passes an ordinance forbidding sale to children under 18 of any publication prominently featuring an account of crime that shows images of commission of “certain crimes of force, violence or bloodshed.” In December, it will be ruled to be unconstitutional.

70 years ago September 22, 1953 Harold Tucker Webster dies the day after his 67th birthday. The writer-artist was known for panel cartoons in such series as “The Timid Soul,” “Life’s Darkest Moment,” and “Bridge.”

65 years ago September 22, 1958 Writer-artist Peter Kuper is born. His work includes Eye of the Beholder and the continuation of Mad’s “Spy vs. Spy.”

65 years ago September 28, 1958 Comic book and animation writer and producer Greg Weisman is born. He creates Gargoyles and produces the Young Justice animated series.

40 years ago September 27, 1983 Chinese cartoonist Wong Wing-hing (also known as Wong Sze-ma) dies at age 42 or 43.

35 years ago September 25, 1988 Canadian artist-writer Barrie Phillip Nichol dies five days before his 44th birthday.

35 years ago September 27, 1988 Golden Age and Silver Age artist Paul Reinman dies at age 78. He worked for many companies but was especially known for his inking of Jack Kirby’s pencils. He co-created The Fireball and (with Jerry Siegel) The Mighty Crusaders and (with Richard E. Hughes) John Force.

30 years ago September 27, 1993 Golden Age Quality Comics writer-artist Al Bryant dies at age 76.

20 years ago September 24, 2003 French artist Albert Uderzo is honored as Commandeur des Arts et Lettres.

20 years ago September 25, 2003 Writer-artist Herb Gardner dies at age 68 from lung disease. He created The Nebbishes.

15 years ago September 26, 2008 Belgian writer-artist Raymond Macherot dies at age 84. He signed his work as “Zara” and was known for Chlorophylle, Clifton, and Sibylline.

10 years ago September 26, 2013 Belgian photographer and artist Rony Heirman dies at age 77.

10 years ago September 28, 2013 Dutch writer-artist and teacher Friso Henstra dies at age 85.

5 years ago September 24, 2018 Artist Norm Breyfogle dies of a stroke at age 58. He produced Metaphysique for Malibu and was especially known for his work on Batman stories for DC.

5 years ago September 24, 2018 Dutch artist Bert Cornelius dies at age 66.