Over the past 30-plus years, Jim Lee has created many of the classic comic book images with his sense of style and attention to composition garnering plenty of fans. A native of Seoul, South Korea, he started his comics career in 1989 drawing Uncanny X-Men before helping to launch the record-breaking X-Men with co-writer Chris Claremont.

In 1992, Lee joined fellow comic creators in the founding of Image Comics, creating and co-creating new characters under his WildStorm Productions imprint including WildC.A.T.s and Gen13.

In 1998, Lee sold WildStorm to DC Comics. While he continued to work with the company he founded, he also began working on DC’s iconic characters as well. He illustrated the 12-issue story arc “Hush” in the pages of Batman with writer Jeph Loeb, followed by a run on Superman. Much of his time has been spent closely developing the look of the characters and settings in DC’s new online game with Sony.

In 2010, Lee was appointed co-publisher of DC Comics with Dan DiDio, succeeding Paul Levitz. The following year, as one of the architects of DC's New 52 relaunch, he returned to the drawing board for Justice League. Lee is now the President, Publisher, and CCO of DC.