Martin Nodell was one of the shining lights of the Golden Age of comics. Best known as the creator of the Golden Age superhero the Green Lantern, Nodell took the character to All-American Publications, and his Green Lantern made his debut in the July 1940 issue of All-American Comics #16. The character proved popular and received its own title in the Fall of 1941. Nodell went on to illustrate for other publishers including Timely Comics, including cover art for Captain America Comics #74 and Marvel Tales #93.

In 1965, Nodell accepted an art director position at Leo Burnett Agency where he was a member of the design team that created the Pillsbury Doughboy which would go on to be another iconic character.

Starting in 1980, Nodell began attending various comic book conventions along with his wife, Caroline to meet the many fans and collectors who the Green Lantern and its creator had touched.