Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for June 7-13, 2024...

215 years ago June 13, 1809 Heinrich Hoffmann is born. He creates Der Struwwelpeter, one of the earliest German comic books.

140 years ago June 9, 1884 The Dutch comics writer of Flippie Flink, Clinge Doorenbos, is born.

120 years ago June 7, 1904 Clare Briggs’ racehorse feature A Piker Clerk ends.

110 years ago June 9, 1914 Dutch artist and musician Gradie Knipscheer is born. She writes and draws Keesje Konijntje.

105 years ago June 8, 1919 Actor Monte Hale, whose cowboy roles lead to licensing his name and image in Fawcett comics, is born.

95 years ago June 13, 1929 Artist and letterer Jon D’Agostino is born. He begins his comics career as a Golden Age Timely colorist and goes on to work exclusively at Archie.

90 years ago June 11, 1934 King Features Syndicate introduces Mandrake the Magician by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks. Some see him as the first comics superhero.

75 years ago June 7, 1949 Writer, artist, actor, and musician Larry Hama is born. He is especially known for his work on The ’Nam, Nth Man, and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero as well as for the creation of Bucky O’Hare.

75 years ago June 10, 1949 Political cartoonist John T. McCutcheon dies at age 79.

75 years ago June 11, 1949 Writer Rich Margopoulos is born. He is especially known for his work for Warren and Archie comics.

75 years ago June 11, 1949 Prolific British writer-editor Steve Moore is born. He’s especially known for his work for 2000 AD and Doctor Who.

70 years ago June 9, 1954 Award-winning writer-artist George Pérez is born. He co-creates White Tiger with Bill Mantlo and is known for his work on such series as The Avengers, New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Wonder Woman. He’s Chairman of The Hero Initiative Disbursement Committee.

65 years ago June 10, 1959 Artist Howard Simpson is born.

65 years ago June 11, 1959 Writer-artist Susan Van Camp is born.

65 years ago June 13, 1959 Argentinian artist Jorge Zaffino is born. His US comics include Winter World.

40 years ago June 7, 1984 XIII by Jean van Hamme and William Vance begins.

40 years ago June 10, 1984 Argentine artist Rodolfo Claro (who worked as “Mico” and “René Foly”) dies at age 82.

40 years ago June 12, 1984 Disney comics artist Bill Wright dies at age 66. His work included redrawing the King Features Mickey Mouse strip for comic book publication.

30 years ago June 10, 1994 Animator, director, and writer-artist Jack Hannah dies at age 81. He collaborated with Carl Barks on Barks’ first comic book work and co-founded the Character Animation program for the California Institute of the Arts.

30 years ago June 10, 1994 The first annual Small Press Expo is held in Bethesda, Maryland.

25 years ago June 11, 1999 Dutch artist Jan Wesseling dies at age 64. He worked in the Marten Toonder Studios.

20 years ago June 7, 2004 Award-winning Flemish-Belgian artist Karel Biddeloo dies of cancer at age 60. He was known for his work on De Rode Ridder.

15 years ago June 9, 2009 Artist and animator Dave Simons dies of cancer at age 54. He was known especially for his work on Conan, Ghost Rider, Red Sonja, and Forgotten Realms and for his storyboard and games work.

5 years ago June 7, 2019 Swiss artist Reto Gloor dies at age 56.

5 years ago June 9, 2019 French writer-artist Fabien Lacaf dies at age 65.

5 years ago June 10, 2019 The New York Times announces it won’t publish daily political cartoons in its international edition starting July 1.

5 years ago June 10, 2019 Golden Age artist Calvin Levi Massey dies of pneumonia at age 93. The freelance artist worked in the 1940s and 1950s for companies including Marvel, St. John, and Lev Gleason.