What makes the best comic book covers? It is a great topic for debate. For us, as individuals, there is no wrong answer, of course; it is purely subjective. But, with a little thought it’s possible to explain what it is about a particular image that grabs you. The best images are the ones that make you stop and check out something you weren’t previously planning to purchase – and in some cases, you even end up picking up a title you’ve never even heard of before.

It was big comic book news in 1995 when premier independent publisher Malibu Entertainment was purchased by none other than comic book powerhouse Marvel Comics. To celebrate its much publicized acquisition, and that of its popular Ultraverse line, Malibu hired the late, great George Pérez to illustrate the final issue of this comic book epic that featured the Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby-created Norse God hero, The Mighty Thor.

Within the pages of Godwheel #3, the God of Thunder found himself in conflict with denizens from all over the comic book universe, including: Ultraforce leader Hardcore, Mantra, and Rune, among others. I don’t want to give too much away, but needless to say his evil half-brother god, Loki, makes a cameo appearance on the final page that readers won’t soon forget.

A divine treat for the eyes, discover this must-have comic book for yourself – if you dare!

-Scott Braden