In their next Sunday Internet Comics, Animation & Art Auction, Heritage is offering a high grade Swamp Thing #1 and original art from Wonder Woman #325. These significant collectibles from DC Comics will be sold on Sunday, March 17, 2019. 

Swamp Thing #1 CGC 9.6 white pages, with cover and art by Bernie Wrightson, sees the second appearance of the character but marks the first issue with Swamp Thing as the titular character. While initially a background character, Swamp Thing has since evolved into a significant DC character whose later appearances included on the big screen, on television, in a cartoon and in action figures.

Paris Cullins and Murphy Anderson’s original cover art for Wonder Woman #325 shows the title character lassoing the “giant Gremlin from the Kremlin” while the Atomic Knight deals with the gremlin standing on its shoulder. The artwork is done in ink over graphite on Bristol board, with an image area of 9-3/4” x 15”. The cover image is a dramatic fight scene from the issue in which Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor take on the Ytirflirks. 

This week’s sale is a massive sale, filled with 1,025 lots of comic books, original comic book art and memorabilia. Bidding opens at 6 PM CT on ha.com