After 21 years of weekly auctions, totaling 1,659,000 items, eMoviePoster is switching to biweekly auctions. They will continue to run auctions on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, but instead of lasting one week, they will last for two weeks.

eMoviePoster will host half as many auctions with sales ending every two weeks. This provides some breathing room between the auctions and more time to look through the hundreds of items listed in each auction.

One of the biggest impacts will be in the sales of lower value items. Starting in January any items they anticipate selling for less than $20 each will be placed in bulk lots and each bulk lot is anticipated to sell for $20 each. By eliminating most of the low priced individual items they will likely be able to auction more higher value items each year.

Collectors interested in bidding with them can sign up on their registration page. More details on consigning and many images of preview items can be seen on their website.