Just Kids Nostalgia has finished Part One of the three-part Paul Goresh Beatles Collection, which ran for two weeks on eBay and grossed over $250,000. Among the top highlights were the final photos Goresh took of John Lennon on December 8, 1980, which brought in over $100,000.

A signed copy of Spaniard In The Works, the last book signed by John Lennon, topped $18,000, setting a record price, according to Just Kids Nostalgia. There were many signed Beatles items that cleared $50,000, specifically the 1960s Beatles photographs exceeded $25,000.

The Minolta XG 1 camera that took the last photos of Lennon went for $5,900. Sale highlights also included a Beatles ice cream box for $3,028, Ringo Starr’s worn, signed sunglasses for $2,923, Beatles at Shea Stadium handbill for $2,125, an original Astrid Kirchherr negative of the Beatles for $2,066, Beatles at the New York Paramount ticket stub for $2,025, a class photo of Paul McCartney in 1952 for $1,325, Beatles bubble gum cards, unopened pack for $1,304, and a two pack of apple matchbooks for $604.

Part Two of the auction with hundreds of rare Beatles images is starting now in Just Kids Nostalgia’s eBay store. More details are available by contacting Ken Farrell at Just Kids Nostalgia by calling (631) 423-8449. He is also available to discuss selling pop culture collections.