Comic book lots in the current ComicLink Focused Auction started closing earlier this week but there are still thousands of certified comic books and over 550 original art lots still to go. Closings are on Friday, July 31, 2020, at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT and continue to close every week day through Monday, August 10. After that, the original comic book and fantasy art session of the auction closes on Tuesday, August 11. The current CertifiedLink.com auction featuring vintage video games, cards, coins and memorabilia will close on Wednesday, August 12. Every lot in the auction starts at just $1 and most are being sold without any seller reserve.

July 31 and Monday, August 3 are devoted to Golden Age books published in 1933-1956 and include many keys, classic covers, and high grade issues. The Friday night session kicks-off with a large selection of very high grade vintage movie magazines, most with Marilyn Monroe covers. There is a nice sized group of Timely Comics including multiple issues of Captain America Comics (starting with #4, with #46 in there as one of the highlights), Marvel Mystery Comics (starting with #17), Human Torch (starting with #3) as well as other titles. They also have numerous EC comic books, including the first issues of Tales From The Crypt and Haunt of Fear, as well as Crime Patrol #15, which introduces both the Crypt Keeper and Crypt of Terror. There are also many DC highlights from the Golden Age, including Batman and Detective Comics Joker covers, and keys like World's Finest Comics #3 (first Scarecrow) and Batman #16 (first Alfred) CGC 6.0.

Some popular non-superhero covers from the Golden Age are in the auction, including the classic L.B. Cole devil cover, Mask Comics #2 and another Cole devil-themed cover, Terrifying Tales #13 CGC 9.0 (one of the top five graded). They also have the single highest graded example of Baffling Mysteries #7 CGC 8.5 in the auction.

Although many of the higher grade Silver Age and early Bronze Age keys in this auction have already closed, there are still affordable keys, including low grade examples of Amazing Fantasy #15, Incredible Hulk #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1 and #129, X-Men #1, and Giant-Size X-Men #1.

Post-1975 offerings include high grade examples of most major keys from the past 45 years like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (first TMNT) CGC 7.5, Amazing Spider-Man #194 (first Black Cat) CGC 9.6, #238 (first Hobgoblin) CGC 9.8 CVA Exceptional, #252 (first black costume/symbiote who becomes Venom) CGC 9.8, and #300 (first full Venom) CGC 9.8 and CGC 9.6, Avengers #196 (first full Taskmaster) CGC 9.8, Batman Adventures #12 (first Harley Quinn in comics) CGC 9.4, Captain Britain #1 (1976, first Captain Britain and origin) CGC 9.8, DC Comics Presents #26 (first Cyborg, Starfire and Raven) CGC 9.8, Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (first Spider-Gwen) CGC 9.8, and Eternals #1 (first Eternals) CGC 9.8 and CGC 9.6, #2 (first Celestials) CGC 9.8 Winnipeg pedigree, and #12 CGC 9.6 Price Variant.

Additional highlights from after 1975 are Evil Ernie #1 (first Lady Death) CGC 9.8, Fables #6 CGC 9.8 special edition, Fantasy Quarterly #1 (first Elfquest) CGC 9.8, Harbinger #1 (first Harbinger) CGC 9.8, Iron Man #103 CGC 9.4 price variant, Marvel Chillers #3 (origin of Tigra, solo series begins) CGC 9.8, Marvel Spotlight #28 (first solo Moon Knight comic) CGC 9.0 price variant and #32 (first Spider-Woman) CGC 9.8, New Mutants #98 (first Deadpool) CGC 9.8, NYX #3 (first X-23) CGC 9.8, Super-Villain Team-Up #12 CGC 9.4 price variant (single highest graded), Ultimate Fallout #4 (first Miles Morales) CGC 9.8, Vampirella #113 (final issue, low distribution) CGC 9.4, and X-Men #107 (first full Starjammers) CGC 9.6 and #109 (first Guardian of Alpha Flight) CGC 9.8.

Original art highlights include about 50 comic book covers, and a few George Pérez and Ron Lim Infinity Gauntlet pages, one with numerous images of Thanos along with Silver Surfer and Warlock. There is also a very memorable Steve McNiven Civil War page from the epic series showing the funeral of the former Black Goliath stuck at 80-feet tall, plus the McNiven cover to Last Defenders #1 featuring Nighthawk. Covers include Leinil Yu Superman Birthright #7 cover and complete 22-page story; Francis Manapul Action Comics #1000 variant cover and Flash Annual #1 cover; Ed McGuinness Adventures of Superman #624 cover and the Superman #175 cover featuring Doomsday; Rafael Albuquerque Detective Comics #945 variant cover with Batman and Clayface; Jim Muniz Hulk: Destruction #3 cover with the Hulk and Mercy; Chris Samnee Wolverine #308 cover and Poe Dameron #1 cover from the world of Star Wars; and Ryan Stegman Wolverine #12 variant cover.

Those interested in consigning to an upcoming ComicLink auction can email a prospective auction list to buysell@comiclink.com or call (617) 517-0062 (option 1). Upfront cash advances are being offered upon receipt. In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright.

A preview of the Summer Featured Auction that opens on August 13 is now available.