In 1964, a satire of both vintage horror movies and the typical family sitcoms was introduced on The Munsters. Though monstrous looking, the family was loving and affectionate. The show had blue collar style, portraying the Munsters as working class folks who were judged unfairly by the more refined members of the community.

The series inspired a wave of toys and other collectibles that are still popular with collectors today, and several of those desirable Munsters pieces are listed in Hake’s current premier auction.

One of the lots that’ll draw in bidders is The Munsters numbered pencil and paint set. This complete and unused Hasbro set contains 8 Color Vue pencils, 8 watercolor paint tablets, 12 pictures to color, the original instruction sheet, and the box is complete with the cardboard inserts. The box lid shows off the items inside and features artwork of Herman, Eddie, and Grandpa with their Koach. It is the only known example, making it one of the rarest Munsters items.

The Masquerade Party Game by Hasbro is a complete set in unused condition. The cards remain intact, and the factory-sealed well contains punch-out cardboard player pieces and wooden stands. The 15-1/2” x 18-1/2” gameboard features different artwork than the box lid showing the family at a costume party.

The Grandpa Munster rare boxed Ideal hand puppet is a 10” tall puppet with silk-screened design on the cloth body and soft vinyl head. The family is depicted on the back of the display box and images of Grandpa and Herman are on the side panels. Ideal produced three Munsters hand puppets in 1964, sold in bags or boxes. “While bagged puppets are scarce, the boxed versions are infinitely rarer, this the first example we’ve offered in our 54 years, presenting a rare opportunity to add a boxed example to your collection,” Hake’s description reads.

Another desirable lot is the sliding tile puzzle on store card. The 2-1/2” square plastic tray sliding tile puzzle features Lily, Herman, Eddie, and Grandpa and is on a 5-1/2” x 6-1/4” card. The artwork on the card shows a closeup of the foursome at the top and the puzzle is surrounded by different puzzle combinations. It is hard to find this puzzle on card, making it a rare find among Munsters collectibles.

The Munsters collectibles in the auction also include a Sunday Magazine historic newspaper supplement, TV Week rare newspaper supplement, Picnic Game by Hasbro, and Magic Slate featuring Grandpa.

Hake’s Auction #231 is filled with 2,266 lots, encompassing presidential and historical items, baseball material, comics, original art, Disneyana, action figures, and a variety of other collectibles. Bidding is open at hakes.com and is set to close on Wednesday and Thursday, February 24-25, 2021.