ComicLink is accepting consignments now for upcoming auctions, including the Spring Featured Auction (starts May 13, 2021), the June Focused (starts June 10), and other upcoming auctions. There are already major comics and comic and fantasy original art posted to the Spring Featured Auction preview and many more are incoming.

Auction placement can be reserved, previews of the growing auctions and prior results can be viewed on the ComicLink Auction Schedule. Upfront cash advances are available upon receipt of seller material.

The latest Spring Featured Auction art highlights include:

  • Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing #7 (1973) finale page with Batman; and Stephen King’s The Stand book illustration plate
  • Neal Adams Amazing Spider-Man #1 variant cover; and Batman: Odyssey #3 cover reimagining
  • Jim Aparo Batman #336 cover with Batman and the Monarch of Menace
  • John Byrne X-Men #133 cover recreation, “Wolverine Alone!”
  • J. Scott Campbell Amazing Spider-Man #9 variant cover and #18 variant cover with Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Silk, Spidey, and Deadpool; Mighty Thor #1 with male Thor vs. female Thor; Spider-Gwen #1 Midtown exclusive cover; and X-Men '92 variant cover with Psylocke
  • Steven Hughes Evil Ernie #1 page from the first Lady Death story
  • Joe Jusko Savage Sword of Conan #69 painted cover
  • Jim Lee Punisher War Journal #4 page from the first pairing of Jim Lee and inker Scott Williams
  • Ron Lim Infinity Gauntlet #4 and #5 pages with Thanos and a double-page spalsh from #6 with Galactus
  • Ed McGuinness Spider-Man and the Avengers #1 cover
  • Ralph McQuarrie Lucasfilm Star Wars Christmas Card illustration from 1980 by the man who designed Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and so much more
  • George Pérez X-Men #112 cover recreation with Wolverine vs. Magneto
  • Dave Stevens Bettie Page illustration
  • Brian Bolland Outsiders #18 complete 8-page story with Looker and Metamorpho
  • Armando Gil What If? #50 cover, “What If the Hulk had Killed Wolverine?”

Previously mentioned art highlights in the Spring Featured Auction include:

  • Dave Gibbons Watchmen promotional ad featuring Ozymandias – one of four “Who’s Watching the Watchmen?” ads that ran in DC direct sale titles during the early months of the historic series.
  • Jim Lee Punisher War Journal #7 splash with Punisher battling Wolverine and #11 full-page Punisher splash inked by Klaus Janson; Batman #609 page from “Hush” with the first appearance of Hush; Detective Comics #1000 variant cover of Batman vs. Harley Quinn; Uncanny X-Men #277 page with Wolverine battling Storm; and All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #8 splash with Batman and Green Lantern
  • John Byrne X-Men #113 page with Magneto attacking Australia and #138 page with Cyclops at Jean Grey’s funeral; Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1 wraparound cover packed with characters; Avengers West Coast #43 double-page splash from the origin of the White Vision; Fantastic Four #277 page with Ben learning that Johnny and Alicia moved in and #293 splash; and Spider-Man: Chapter One #3 splash of Spidey fighting the Tinkerer’s aliens – a reimagining of Amazing Spider-Man #2  
  • George Pérez Infinity Gauntlet #1 page with Thanos, Mephisto, and Death where the Mad Titan concocts his plan to destroy half of all living beings and #1 page with Thanos vs. Silver Surfer and Drax
  • J. Scott Campbell Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 variant cover; Secret Wars #9 Midtown exclusive variant cover of Jean Grey; and Codename: Knockout #4 variant cover
  • Michael Turner Supergirl #3 cover with Kara and Lex Luthor; and Black Panther #23 cover of Black Panther vs. Captain America
  • Charles Schulz Peanuts baseball themed daily comic strip from April 7, 1961     
  • Todd McFarlane Spawn #50 splash and pages
  • Jeffrey Jones Purple Pirate painting cover to the paperback
  • Brian Bolland Camelot 3000 #12 splash of King Arthur figure
  • Sean Murphy Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8 cover and other Batman art
  • Wally Wood Astonishing Tales #2 title splash with Doctor Doom
  • Steve Ditko Nukla #4 twice-up cover
  • Klaus Janson Punisher #1 (first on-going) three pages with Punisher in action (sold separately)
  • Bob Brown and Dick Giordano Detective Comics #411 – first page to show Talia al Ghul
  • Dick Ayers Capt. Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders #2 twice-up cover featuring Baron Strucker from the HYDRA origin issue
  • Steven Platt Wolverine #128 unused cover
  • Frank Cho Hulk #21 and Incredible Hulk #608 covers (one piece)
  • Ryan Ottley Invincible #47 cover, #107 complete issue, trade paperback #18 cover, and Invincible Compendium #3 cover
  • Simon Bisley Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham painted illustration but two Bisley covers
  • Greg Capullo Batman #15 variant cover/trade paperback cover featuring Joker holding his surgically removed face and #38 cover with Batman in the Joker’s shadow
  • John Romita Jr. and John Romita Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 page from the first appearance Monica Rambeau
  • Alex Ross three Amazing Spider-Man covers (sold separately); JLA: Liberty and Justice painted finale page with Superman and Martian Manhunter; and Spawn #301 variant cover
  • Jim Starlin Warlock #2 (1983) wraparound cover with Adam Warlock, Gamora and Pip fighting the Magus
  • Al Milgrom and Klaus Janson Captain America #242 cover with Cap battling Thor, Iron Man and Vision
  • Eric Larsen Amazing Spider-Man #327 splash with Spider-Man fighting Magento
  • Mike Mignola Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus #4 cover
  • Mark Bagley Amazing Spider-Man #352 cover with Spidey and Nova
  • Dale Keown Incredible Hulk #393 chapter splash Hulk image
  • Carl Barks Donald Duck “Unsafe Vehicle” preliminary painting
  • Frank Miller Daredevil and Elektra illustration; and Wonder Woman illustration
  • Steven Bissette and John Totleben Saga of the Swamp Thing #17 page 1 title splash with the reunion of Swamp Thing and Matt Cable
  • Tom Yeates and Steven Bissette Saga of the Swamp Thing #17 cover with Swampy confronting the nightmare visions of Matt Cable
  • Dave McKean The Sandman: Seasons of Mists (first edition) trade paperback cover
  • Sam Kieth Marvel Comics Presents #88 cover with Wolverine
  • Joe Quesada Death of Wolverine #1 variant cover

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright.