Hake’s Auctions is selling an incredible rare, highest graded EC Annual in their premier Auction #233. Just in time for Halloween, the auction also features a selection of scary collectible EC books.

Leading the charge (or the torture) is Tales of Terror Annual #3 CGC 9.6, featuring a striking cover by Al Feldstein. The 128-page issue pulls readers in with a cover of a man being tortured by the Crypt-Keeper, the Old Witch, and the Vault-Keeper who wields a blazing hot EC branding iron. The interior art was provided by Graham Ingels, Jack Kamen, and Wally Wood.

The issue’s high grade condition is due to a cautious mother. “The cover of this book is partially responsible for its survival in this state, as a less than enthusiastic wife refused to allow her son to read the copy her husband brought home in 1953. Instead of throwing the comic away, the husband opted to place the taboo issue in a desk drawer, where it was forgotten for decades, keeping it in off-the-rack condition,” Hake’s description reads.

EC Annuals seldom turn up in high grade, making this highest graded copy (and only one in the grade) even rarer. Adding to its desirability, it is also from the renowned Gaines File Copy pedigree compiled by EC publisher William Gaines who personally selected and curated the collection.

Moving into another popular EC title, Hake’s is offering Tales from the Crypt #23 CGC 5.5 with a classic EC zombie cover by Feldstein, and Tales from the Crypt #46 CGC 5.5, the last EC horror comic, which was advertised as Crypt of Terror #1. Vault of Horror #39 CGC 7.0 has an appearance by Drusilla with a Johnny Craig cover of a figure bound in a crypt.

Additional EC keys include Tales from the Crypt #22 CGC 6.0 (Moon Girl cameo), #33 CGC 5.0 (origin of the Crypt-Keeper), and #35 CGC 8.0 (werewolf cover), and Vault of Horror #15 CGC 7.0, #21 CGC 8.5, and #40 CGC 7.0.

Hake’s Auction #233 is filled with nearly 400 CGC-certified books that are open for bidding now through November 2-3 at hakes.com.