eMoviePoster is hosting an auction of 860 bulk lots containing 23,578 items, set to close on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

There are lots of 22-152 one-sheets (1940s-1990s), lots of 103-193 lobby cards (1930s-1970s), lots of 13-15 half-sheets (1950s-1960s), and lots of 26-30 inserts (1940s-1970s).

Western offerings include a lot of 9 B-movie one-sheets (1970s-1980s), a lot of 4 John Wayne window cards (1960s), and a lot of 20 inserts (1940s-1950s).

Horror/sci-fi listings are a lot of 7 lobby cards (1950s-1960s) and a lot of 150 stills (1950s-1970s).

International groups include a lot of 205 Australian daybills (1940s-1990s) and lots of 18-30 French one-panels (1960s-2010s).

Additional bulk lots are lots of 6-11 Hollywood movie magazines (1930s-1940s), a lot of 3 Elvis Presley window cards (1964-1968), a lot of 2 Beatles special posters (1960s), and a lot of 11 Raquel Welch one-sheets (1970s-1980s).

Their December Major Auction will be their best auction of the year, according to eMoviePoster. It is scheduled to start on November 29. Details on consigning are available on their website and collectors interested in bidding with them can sign up on their registration page.