ComicConnect’s Original Art Auction features a complete eight-page Creepy story by Richard Corben, the artist known for his prodigious prowess in producing horror comics.

“Corben reigns at the peak of his artistic powers here, showcasing unique and unusual techniques in crafting a werewolf story unlike any other,” ComicConnect’s President Vincent Zurzolo said. “The art is a pleasure to behold, eliciting both horror and wonder from Corben’s unparalleled storytelling ability.”

Corben’s 1970s work is very desirable among comic art collectors, and Zurzolo stated that this is a rare opportunity to add a cornerstone piece to an art collection as the artist’s pieces are seldom offered.

Cover highlights in the auction include Wolverine #97 by Adam Kubert, Thor #284 by Dave Cockrum, Detective Comics #496 by Jim Aparo, Brave and the Bold #137 by Buckler and Aparo, and Neal Adams’ depicts Beauty and the Beast on Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #91.

The auction runs through December 12, 2022, at 7 PM ET. Micah Spivak can be reached at micahs@comicconnect.com with questions about buying or selling original comic art.