Bidding in ComicConnect’s 53rd Event Auction starts in three weeks on February 20, 2023, at 12 PM ET.

“Many of the hobby’s most desirable blue chip investment collectibles, including keys from every comic age, a 1990 Nintendo World Championships Collection, hundreds of original art pieces, pulps, and more certified video games and VHS will be among over 2,000 lots up for grabs,” ComicConnect President Vincent Zurzolo said.

Highlights are Captain America Comics #1 7.0, Batman #1 2.5, Whiz #2 (#1) 5.5, Fantastic Four #5 9.4, Superman #1 1.0, Venus #19 8.5, Crime SuspenStories #22 9.4, Mad #1 9.8, Sensation Comics #1 5.5, Ultimate Fallout #4 9.8 (variant), and a “slew of some of the rarest international comics on the market,” Zurzolo said. “Including a high grade copy of El Soprendente Hombre Arana #128 with the famous Gwen Stacy wedding cover!”

Original art includes a Star Wars Sunday strip by Russ Manning with the first appearance of Boba Fett, the cover to Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up #2 by Gil Kane, Al Milgrom’s cover to Marvel Team-Up #61, a Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man #311 page, and hundreds more pages and covers.

Those interested in consigning to an upcoming ComicConnect auction can reach Rob Reynolds at robr@comicconnect.com or toll free (888) 779-7377.