The Autobots and Decepticons are ready for battle in Hake’s Auction #237. The premier event is filled with toys from popular 1980s TV shows and movies, including original action figure art, complex playsets, and much more from the Transformers.

Featured Transformers listings start with the Series 1 Optimus Prime AFA 85 with the trademark logo. The window box contains the Autobot Commander and features the trademark logo which is earlier and much rarer than the version with the registered logo. This is one of the most desirable Series 1 Transformers toys and is extremely difficult to find in the original factory sealed box.

The Series 2 Construction Giftset Devastator AFA 85 is another impressive piece in the auction. The display box contains all six Constructicons – Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Scrapper, Hook, Long Haul, and Mixmaster – that combined to form the Devastator. This is the only giftset that features all six of the Constructicons, which were also sold as individual pieces.

Other impressive Transformers toys in the auction include the Series 1 Jet Starscream AFA 85+ with rubsign and the Series 2 Dinobot Grimlock AFA 85. Both pieces are among the most desirable Series 1 and Series 2 toys, respectively.

Original action figure card art joins the toy listings at Hake’s. The Transformers: Generation 2 Fireflight card original art was created by Jeffrey Mangiat, who was responsible for several pieces of early Generation 1 package art. The mixed media/airbrushed art on 10-1/8” x 15” Bainbridge illustration board was part of the Aerialbots that combined to form Superion (G2).

The Action Masters Wheeljack card original art by Mangiat is on 10-1/8” x 14-1/4” Crescent illustration board with attached acetate overlay. The mixed media/airbrushed art was made for the upper right corner of Hasbro’s Transformers Action Masters Wheeljack box.

The auction contains a loose 21” long Megatron action figure AFA 85 with scope, silencer, and stock attached. Series 1 toys include the Car Prowl AFA 85 with rubsign and Soundwave AFA 80 (European version with rubsign). From Series 2, Hake’s is offering a Dinobot Sludge AFA 85, Dinobot Snarl AFA 85, and Construction Hook AFA 85 with trademark logo. One of the top Series 3 pieces is the Ultra Magnus AFA uncirculated U90 with rubber tires and painted face.

Hake’s Auction #237 is closing next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21-22, 2023, so get bids in soon at hakes.com.