Heritage’s Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction on March 30 through April 2, 2023, is shaping up to be a blockbuster event. The comic section is loaded with important Golden Age keys, including Batman’s debut and the first issue of Marvel Comics.

“Before Heritage, it was a rarity for most collectors to see even one of these books,” Heritage Vice President Barry Sandoval said. “You could go to conventions for a year and never see a copy of Detective Comics #27 and Marvel Comics #1. But to have them all in place, side by side, is breathtaking. It’s why we all got into comics collecting in the place – our love for these characters, their legacies, their influence, what they meant to us as kids, what they said to culture. And perhaps above all else, they’re just beautiful books.”

The auction is anchored by a copy of Detective Comics #27 CGC 6.0 with the first appearance of Batman. Widely considered the second most desirable comic book in the hobby, this rare book is one of only 75 known copies and only 14 are graded higher by CGC. What’s more, this special copy includes a message written by Batman’s co-creator Bob Kane to his friend and collector Robert Crestohl (which CGC notes on the label).

Heritage is also offering the Dark Knight’s second biggest key, with his first self-titled comic in Batman #1 CGC 8.0. This copy hails from a father’s secret collection that his son found in 2020, and features the special Fantast Collection Custom CGC label.

“I think it’s an amazing story, and I can’t wait for people to hear all about this,” CGC President Matt Nelson said about this Batman. “The stories always stay with the books – they know where it came from and the backstory.”

Marvel Comics #1 CGC 7.5, which marked the beginning of Timely’s evolution from pulp publisher to Marvel Comics, is also leading the auction. Not only does it feature the first appearances of the Sub-Mariner and Human Torch, this copy is one of only three graded CGC 7.5, with only five graded higher.

The Man of Steel has a prominent place in the auction with his first titular comic, Superman #1 CGC Restored 8.0. Published in the summer of 1939, it was the first comic whose title and contents were focused on a single hero. It is also the second most desirable comic featuring Superman.

The auction rounds out the DC trinity with Wonder Woman’s origin and first appearance in All Star Comics #8 CGC 3.0. Not only does the auction contain the debut of DC’s best known heroine, it also contains her first cover appearance on Sensation Comics #1 CGC 7.0.

Other prominent books filling the auction, include All-Star Comics #3 CGC 5.5 (first Justice Society of America), Whiz Comics #2 (#1) CGC 3.0 (first Captain Marvel), More Fun Comics #55 CGC 9.6 Mile High Pedigree (first Doctor Fate), Archie Comics #1 CGC 6.5, and Eerie Comics #1 CGC 9.2 Promise Collection Pedigree.