Hake’s Auctions has assembled a stellar group of Aurora Model Kits in their current premier auction. The mortifying monsters, scary sci-fi creatures, as well as the far less frightening Banana Splits are crossing the auction block.

The auction is off to the races with Universal monster hot rod model kits. The Wolf Man’s Wagon features a design of the Wolf Man driving the hot rod with long shifter and rats in the car. The Frankenstein’s Flivver shows the monster at the wheel of a tricked out rod with skull hubcaps and “Frankenstein” tombstone grille. The Dracula’s Dragster depicts the vampire wearing a driver’s cap and holding a cocktail glass full of blood as he drives the coffin hot rod. All three of the factory-sealed model kits come from the scarce “Monstermobiles” made by Aurora that combined classic monsters and hot rod car culture. The high grade examples come from the Greg Roccaro collection.

The impressive model kit offerings look even brighter with the “Frightening Lightning Strikes, the Monster that Glows in the Dark” from the Universal line. The kits that feature glow in the dark heads, hands, and other pieces include Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the Phantom of the Opera. All three hail from the Greg Roccaro collection.

The Universal monsters aren’t the only spooky characters in the Aurora model kits at Hake’s. They also have The Munsters Living Room kit with Lily, Herman, Grandpa, and Eddie; the classic Godzilla kit; and The Addams Family Haunted House model.

There are multiple Lost in Space model kits, starting with the One-Eyed Monster and Chariot showing the creature about to attack the crew with a bolder. Others include the robot B-9 on the planet base with a sparking charge coming out of his hand, and the One-Eyed Monster attacking the Jupiter 2 crew.

Outside of horror and science fiction, Hake’s is offering the Banana Splits buggy based on the six-wheeled banana buggy as seen on the TV show and the Model Motoring Old Store Stock Ho Slot Car kit contains a two-lane racing set.

Get bids in soon, because Hake’s Auction #237 is closing on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21-22, 2023.