Dazzler’s debut, a Bob Kane Batman heroes and villains illustration, and a Barbie video game are among the highlights in Heritage’s weekly auctions. The Comic Books Select Auction ends on Sunday through Tuesday, March 19-21, 2023, the Video Games Mini-Boss Auction closes on Tuesday, March 21, and the Comic Art & Animation Auction concludes on Wednesday, March 22.

The comic auction opens with Dazzler shining bright in her debut in X-Men #130 CGC 9.2 during the “Dark Phoenix Saga.” Harley Quinn, who was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series, makes her comics debut in The Batman Adventures #12 CGC 9.6.

Original art offerings include a striking Bob Kane Batman and Friends illustration that shows Batman and Robin being unusually amiable with Joker and Penguin. John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men #9 story page 15 art from Danger’s first appearance features Beast and Kitty Pryde along with the Blackbird and Danger Room.

Highlights in the video game auction starts with Bump ‘n’ Jump WATA 9.4 sealed (Rev-A, round SOQ, early production) NES game from the Plattsburgh Collection. Mattel’s beloved doll is offered with the Barbie: Super Model WATA 9.4 sealed (Majesco, later production) for Sega Genesis.