Heritage’s weekly auctions are highlighted by a copy of Batman #8, a Charles Addams sketch, and a high grade copy of Turmoil for Atari. The Comic Books Select Auction ends on Sunday through Tuesday, May 28-30, 2023, the Video Games Mini-Boss Auction closes on Tuesday, May 30, and the Comic Art & Animation Auction concludes on Wednesday, May 31.

The comic auction is led by Batman #8 CGC 4.5, featuring an infinity cover by Fred Ray and Jerry Robinson that shows Batman and Robin reading their own comic. X-Men #248 CGC 9.8 is recognized as the first time that future DC president, publisher, and CCO Jim Lee would provide a cover and interior art for the X-Men.

The original art auction features Wednesday and Pugsley Addams sketches by Charles Addams that depicts The Addams Family kids in their gym class clothing. Gabriel Hernández Walta’s Vision #9 story page 3 art showcases the synthezoid Avenger’s wife and son as the latter is caught in an energy field made by the Runaways’ Victor Mancha.

The video game auction is led by Turmoil WATA 9.4 NS glue seal for Atari, which is the second highest graded copy, per Wata’s March 2023 pop report. For a lighthearted adventure, they have Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon CGC 9.6 sealed for Nintendo 3DS.