ComicConnect’s Event Auction #54 features a selection of Golden Age key comics from DC, Timely, and other publishers in a variety of genres and grades.  

Golden Age DC keys include All Star Comics #8 2.5, Batman #1 2.0, Detective Comics #168 6.0, Superman #1 2.0, and Wonder Woman #1 4.5.

Desirable Timelys are represented by All Select Comics #1 3.5, the entire Daring run from Daring Mystery 1-12, Human Torch #2 (#1) 5.5, Marvel Mystery Comics #47 9.4, and Sub-Mariner Comics #1 5.5.

Golden Age keys also include Blue Bolt #112 9.0, Haunted Thrills #6 4.0, Seven Seas Comics #4 3.0, Suspense Comics #11 9.8, and Tales from the Crypt #46 9.4.

“Top investment managers know diversification is one of the keys to protecting wealth, and any successful portfolio includes collectibles assets,” ComicConnect President and co-founder Vincent Zurzolo said. “My goal has always been to offer the very best investment collectibles to the very best clients in the hobby; the selection in Event Auction #54 directly reflects my exacting efforts.”

ComicConnect’s Director of Consignments Rob Reynolds can be reached at robr@comicconnect.com or toll free (888) 779-7377 for assistance with a collection.