ComicConnect is offering 342 lots in their current Original Art Auction, which closes on June 5, 2023, at 7 PM ET.

“Last week I pointed out a batch of great covers,” ComicConnect President Vincent Zurzolo said. “This week, I’d like to mention some of the most desirable interior pages in the auction.”

Original art highlights are:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #233 page 18 by John Romita Jr.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #325 page 19 by Todd McFarlane
  • Conan the Barbarian #18 splash page 1 by Gil Kane
  • Marvel Comics Presents #121 page 5 by Sam Kieth
  • Mister Miracle #13 splash page 1 by Jack Kirby
  • Saga of the Sub-Mariner #12 splash page 1 by Rich Buckler
  • Silver Surfer: Judgment Day splash page #22 by John Buscema
  • Watchmen #9 page 11 by Dave Gibbons
  • Werewolf by Night #5 page 17 by Mike Ploog

“Nobody should miss the Wally Wood Weird Science #21 page, it might be the best interior page of his career,” ComicConnect’s Original Art Head Micah Spivak said. “The Mike Ploog Police Action #3 complete story is glorious, either of the [Alex] Saviuk Web of Spider-Man #69 pages are worthy, and the Stephen Platt half splash on the Marc Spector: Moon Knight series is simply pure.”

Spivak can be reached at micahs@metropoliscomics.com or (888) 779-7377 to discuss consigning to an upcoming auction or to ask questions about the current auction.