“We’re thrilled to showcase a classic selection of certified VHS tapes in Event Auction #56,” ComicConnect President Vincent Zurzolo said. “Each auction brings in more bidders and new winners as we launch a new collectible category to the next generation of collectors.”

Just a quick review of the lots reveals a nostalgic connection to the currently available copies of Ghostbusters, The Outsiders, Back to the Future, Christmas Vacation, and other beloved movies of yesteryear (including two favorites from the Harry Potter franchise).

ComicConnect’s VHS offerings include two vital pieces from Star Wars, with both a full VHS trilogy from 1988 and a single 15th anniversary VHS of Return of the Jedi from 1990. “It’s common knowledge that these vintage VHS tapes preserve these sci-fi films as they were originally released in theaters – before George Lucas began to use technology to change scenes in these classics,” Zurzolo said.

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #56 also offers The Terminator 1991 release CGC 9.2 with the Hemdale Independent watermark and original retail sticker. The rare The Shining clamshell case VGA 85 features the original 1973 Warner Bros. Pictures logo, and was transferred as originally filmed in full open matte. The Batman VHS is an uncirculated Warner Home Video copy, bottom small Warner Home Video watermark, black tab IGS box 9.0, seal 10. I Was a Teenage Werewolf IGS box 8, seal 7 VHS is especially noteworthy because it was never released on DVD. The auction also has horror classics like Basket Case, Driller Killer, and Sleepaway Camp.

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #56 has over 2,000 lots featuring rarities, key comics, and hundreds of foreign comics, including scores of international first appearances and keys. The auction also has an array of certified video games, audio tapes, pulps, toys, posters, and more memorabilia.

Questions about the auction can be addressed to Rob Reynolds at robr@comicconnect.com or call toll free (888) 779-7377.