In their next round of weekly auctions, Heritage is selling a Thor and Loki cover by Stephanie Han, an early Batman key with a Joker cover, and a Beauty and the Beast game. The Comic Books Select Auction closes on Sunday through Tuesday, December 10-12, 2023, the Video Games Mini-Boss Auction concludes on Tuesday, December 12, and the Comic Art & Animation Auction ends on Wednesday, December 13.

Stephanie Hans’ Journey Into Mystery #622 cover painting of Thor and Loki that relaunched the title is leading the original art auction. Jae Lee and Al Milgrom’s X-Factor #86 story page 17 comes from the “X-Cutioner’s Song” crossover in which the X-Men and X-Factor release Apocalypse.

In the comics auction, Heritage is offering Batman #55 CGC 3.5 with Joker’s face appearing on the cover ten times as a part of “The Case of the 48 Jokers” story. X-Men #1 CBCS 3.5 Verified Signature Stan Lee and Jack Kirby features the introduction of Professor X, Magneto, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, and Angel.

The video game auction features the Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure CGC 9.6 for Game Boy Color that includes multiple minigames. Heritage is also offering Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility CGC 9.8 sealed, one of the earliest virtual farming simulation games.