MyComicShop’s January Prime Auction is coming up soon with a starting date on New Year’s Day. The prime auction showcases some of the best high value and scarce books in their inventory. It currently contains over 1,600 items and more are being added.

Golden and Atomic Age books include Tomb of Terror #3 CGC 7.5, First Love Illustrated #69 CGC 9.0, Superman #66 CGC 5.0, All Top Comics #14 CGC 4.5, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics #74 CGC 8.0, All Capp’s Wolf Gal #2 CGC 4.5, Tales of Terror Annual #3 CGC 8.0, G.I. Jane #1 CBCS 5.0, The Atomic Revolution #nn CGC 7.0, Sensation Comics #12 CGC 3.0, and One Million Years Ago #1 CGC 6.5. All of the pre-1960 books can be viewed on their website.

Those interested in featuring their books in MyComicShop’s Prime Auctions or selling a collection to them can reach the Seller Services team by calling (817) 670-8115 or email sellerservices@mycomicshop.com.