The ComicLink Winter Featured Auction starting on February 15, 2024, is going to be one of their biggest comic book and comic art auctions of the year.

“Our first Featured Auction of 2024 is packed with outstanding certified comic books including an Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 8.0, a Journey Into Mystery #83 CGC 9.2 and the best in comic and fantasy original artwork including top quality examples by names like Neal Adams, John Romita, Jack Kirby, George Pérez, Todd McFarlane, and Jim Lee,” ComicLink founder and Managing Director Josh Nathanson said.

ComicLink is offering upfront cash advances for consignments of high value comic books and related art for upcoming auctions. More details are available in the Auction Schedule.

In the Winter Featured Auction, ComicLink will also offer such certified comic books as Wonder Woman #1 CGC 5.5, Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 8.0 Signature Series Stan Lee, #14 CGC 9.6, #18 CGC 9.8, and #129 CGC 9.8, Showcase #22 CGC 8.0, X-Men #1 CGC 8.5 and CGC 8.0 Signature Series Stan Lee and #4 CGC 9.4, Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 7.0 and #181 CGC 9.6, Batman #1 CGC 5.0R, Daredevil #1 CGC 9.2, Tomb of Terror #15 CGC 8.0, Marvel Spotlight #5 CGC 9.6, Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC 9.8, Fantastic Four #5 CGC 8.5 Circle 8 Pedigree, #48 CGC 9.6, and #52 CGC 9.6, Mask Comics #1 CGC 3.0, All Select Comics #9 CGC 9.6 The Promise Collection (single highest graded), Detective Comics #137 (Joker cover) CGC 9.4 Promise Collection (top three), Captain America Comics #38 CGC 9.0 Promise Collection (top two), Captain America #100 CGC 9.8, Avengers #4 CGC 9.6, Tales of Suspense #39 CGC 8.0, and much more.

Original art offerings in the Winter Featured Auction include Jack Kirby Marvel’s Greatest Comics #28 cover with the Fantastic Four vs. the Frightful Four and the New Gods #6 “Glory Boat” splash, Neal Adams’ World’s Finest Comics #203 cover with Superman and Aquaman, John Romita Captain America #148 cover with Cap and the Red Skull and #143 page with Cap and Falcon vs. Red Skull, George Pérez and Terry Austin Marvel Two-in-One #42 cover with the Thing and Captain America, Todd McFarlane Incredible Hulk #340 page with Hulk and Wolverine, Spider-Man #13 splash with a Spawn-like image of Morbius, Amazing Spider-Man #301 page 1 title splash, and #315 panel page, John Byrne Thing #7 cover, J. Scott Campbell Amazing Spider-Man #14 variant cover with the Black Cat, Burne Hogarth two Tarzan Sundays, Bob Layton Iron Man #147 cover, and Jim Lee and Scott Williams Uncanny X-Men #271 half splash with Psylocke and Wolverine.

Additional featured art includes Ron Lim Thanos Quest pages, David Mazzucchelli Daredevil #213 page with Kingpin, Mike Mignola Hellboy Omnibus #1 Seed of Destruction trade paperback cover, Sheldon Moldoff Detective Comics #352 twice-up Batman in action page, John Romita Jr. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #5 splash from the origin story inked by Al Williamson, Tim Sale Spider-Man: Blue Hardcover collected edition cover, Marc Silvestri Wolverine #37 cover with Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike, Michael Turner Spider-Woman #1 cover, Barry Windsor-Smith Conan the Barbarian #15 half splash with Conan and Elric, Bernie Wrightson Incredible Hulk and the Thing: The Big Change graphic novel cover which is an oversized mixed media painting of great Marvel monsters.

Placement in upcoming auctions can be reserved by emailing a prospective list to buysell@comiclink.com and the sales department can be reached at (617) 517-0062 Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM ET. Consignors who have already worked with ComicLink can also reach out to sales representatives with whom they have previously worked.