As ComicConnect prepares for the launch of Event Auction 57 on February 26, 2024, the auction house is also presenting a selection of fixed price titles.

“We’re always excited about offering sellers the option of direct sales. In return, they gain access to a community of collectors waiting with their want lists as comics and original art become available,” ComicConnect President Vincent Zurzolo said.

Current listings include two copies of Superman #1 – a 5.0 Nova Scotia Pedigree and a more affordable level copy at 1.8. The line-up of first issues also offers Archie Comics #1 7.5 white pages, a Batman #1 1.8, and an Amazing Spider-Man #1 9.2. Additional current listings are certified Bill Gaines File Copies of MAD #1 9.8 and the controversial Crime SuspenStories #22 9.2.

ComicConnect’s “Newest Buy Now” page can be bookmarked for the latest postings ranging from reader copies to higher grade options. “We currently have an Amazing Fantasy #15 6.5 at $100,000 with an impressively intact cover and no Marvel chipping,” Zurzolo said. “At that same price, you can get a great deal on a Flash Comics #1 Restored 5.5. We have a Spawn #1 9.8 Signature Series signed by Michael Jai White for just $350. Our recent raw copies include Captain Marvel Jr. #6 7.0 for $500 and Captain America #107 9.0 at $130, with even more raw books ready for readers!”

Consignors interested in direct sales or their auctions can contact them by emailing peterb@comicconnect.com or calling (212) 260-4147 or (888) 779-7377.