In their weekly auctions, Heritage is selling the key Amazing Spider-Man #50, Al Milgrom Mar-Vell art, and a copy of Pong Sports for Atari. The Comic Books Select Auction closes on Sunday through Tuesday, March 3-5, 2024, the Video Games Mini-Boss Auction ends Tuesday, March 5, and the Comic Art & Animation Auction closes Wednesday, March 6.

The comic auction is led by Crime SuspenStories #17 CGC 5.0 with the violent Johnny Craig cover of a man shooting himself in the head. Another major key with a striking cover is Amazing Spider-Man #50 CGC 5.5 with John Romita’s famous “Spider-Man No More!” cover of Peter Parker giving up on being a superhero.

In the original art auction, Heritage is offering a Deadpool portrait illustration by co-creator Rob Liefeld, which the artist signed twice. Al Milgrom’s Marvel Spotlight #3 cover shows original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, facing the cosmic oddity known as Eon.

The video games auction showcases Pong Sports WATA 7.0 NS glue seal for Atari 2600 released by Sears is one of only five copies graded by Wata. Heritage is selling a group lot of sealed and complete in box games for Atari including Laser Blast, Towering Inferno, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and more.