Comic and literary luminary Neil Gaiman, the creator of Sandman, American Gods, Good Omens, and Coraline is selling material from his own collection at Heritage. The Neil Gaiman Collection Comics & Comic Art Auction will be held on March 14, 2024.

The 126-lot auction is filled with original art, signed comics, the Coraline puppets used on-screen, limited edition sculptures, handmade Christmas stories given as gifts, and awards given to Gaiman. The auction will contain art by many talented creators who worked with Gaiman, such as Michael Zulli, Jill Thompson, Yoshitaka Amano, Charles Vess, and Mike Dringenberg.

Sandman is well represented in the auction, including Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, The Sandman: A Gallery of Dreams #1 pinup illustration of Death of the Endless. Jill Thompson’s Delirium art is a whimsical mixed media work and Mike Dringenberg’s mixed media piece of Dream was on a flyer for a signing Gaiman did. Michael Zulli and Dick Giordano’s Sandman double-page spread introduces the sea serpent.

Some of the auction’s special items come from another comic creator who made a unique mark on the industry. As a thank you gift for helping to do research on Watchmen, Alan Moore and illustrating partner Dave Gibbons gave Gaiman a page from the maxiseries. The Watchmen page features 17 panels of Nite Owl waking from a nightmare in which he and Silk Spectre were killed in a nuclear blast. The cover of Miracleman #16 is from the last issue that Moore wrote before Gaiman took over writing duties on the title. Another Moore-related item is the Secret Origins page drawn by Mark Buckingham that gave Poison Ivy her tragic origin story.

A trio of Swamp Thing pieces are also offered. Steve Bissette and John Totleben’s Saga of the Swamp Thing #27 page pays homage to Jack Kirby’s The Demon and their Swamp Thing Annual #2 page co-stars Deadman, who later starred in Gaiman’s stories. The Swamp #66 cover by Rick Veitch comes from the story about the Floronic Man trying to consume Swamp Thing.

Some of the more personal items include a signed limited printing of “A Writer’s Prayer,” a signed unpublished American Gods short story that he gave as a Christmas gift, and his “Nicholas Was” Christmas short story created with longtime collaborator Dave McKean.

Additional highlights are a portrait of Gaiman by Michael Kaluta that was used as the cover of God & Tulips, a benefit book for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the on-screen, camera-used Coraline puppet and her companion, the Cat.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Hero Initiative to help comics industry professionals in medical and financial need, and the Authors League Fund, which similarly helps authors, journalists, critics, poets, and dramatists. Gaiman will also share some of the proceeds with artists who collaborated with him on his many projects.