Hake’s Auctions closed their Auction #240 on March 19-20, 2024, with $2.5 million in sales from nearly 2,000 lots of pop culture and historical memorabilia. In their premier auctions, Hake’s offers items from early American history all the way up to modern times. The latter includes action figures and related toys from the 1970s and ‘80s that continue to see impressive results in Hake’s auctions.

The Masters of the Universe Eternia Series 5 Playset AFA 80 first release “new” box with full color art by William George reached $23,273, over the $20,000 estimate. The playset features three themed towers with multiple accessories and weapons, and three battery-operated vehicles that run around the playset. It is the highest graded first release example according to the AFA Population Report, and it set a new record for the Eternia Series 5 Playset in any grade.

A rare Mego The Black Hole – Humanoid Series 2 AFA 80 more than doubled its $5,000 estimate to sell for $11,033. The first line of The Black Hole action figures was not as successful as hoped, so Mego only released the second wave of action figures in Canada and Italy. This figure comes from the Canadian line featuring similar art to the first line with bilingual text on the blister card. It is the first one that Hake’s has offered, carded or loose.

The Transformers Series 1 – Soundwave AFA 80 (no rubsign) hammered for $9,735. The Decepticon Communicator and Buzzsaw (Condor Cassette) has the trademark logo, which is much rarer than the Registered logo.

An Action Boy – Robin boxed uniform and equipment set totaled $5,711, just over its $5,000 estimate. The Canadian issue Ideal box features a die-cut image of Robin with his mask, gloves, boots, belt, pair of Batarangs, Batarang launcher, Bat-grenade, and climbing grips. It is rarely found boxed and in this unused condition.

The Knickerbocker Lord of the Rings Ringwraith the Black Rider AFA 80+ reached $3,634. The unpunched card is a high grade example with an intact blister. Because of the figure’s spiked helmet, the blister is typically cracked or has holes or dents, making this one of the nicest examples of the coveted figure.

Multiple action figures sold beyond their expectations, including the G.I. Joe Cobra Officer Series 1 11-back AFA 80 (straight arm variety) that realized $3,540, over the $2,000 estimate. The Masters of the Universe He-Man and Battle Cat Series 2 giftset AFA 80 went for $3,518, beyond the $2,000 estimate. The Transformers Series 3 Ultra Magnus AFA uncirculated U85 NM+ (rubber tires, painted face) cleared $3,504, also surpassing a $2,000 estimate.

“Hake’s once again proves why we are the No. 1 auction house in the world,” Hake’s President Alex Winter said. “Our care, appreciation, understanding and marketing of all action figure lines comes through initially with our online listings and follows through to the end result, more often than not setting record prices. We plan on that continuing throughout the year as we have recently landed some outstanding collections that will blow away collectors. Get ready for our July premier auction with a quick stop along the way in the form of one of our online-exclusive auctions that will be loaded with action figures and toys in all price ranges.”

The prices realized in Part I and Part II of Hake’s Auction #240 are available on their website.