ComicConnect’s Vincent Zurzolo and Micah Spivak are heading to Italy’s Lake Como Comic Art Festival to meet with consignors through May 19, 2024. They are seeking vintage comics and original art for Event Auction 58, as the deadline soon approaches.

This selection of top comics, original art, and memorabilia will begin on Monday, June 3. “We’ve already brought together an incredible selection of pieces in the wake of our record-setting EA57,” ComicConnect President Vincent Zurzolo said. “Now we’re working with top collectors once again, with interest free cash advances as sellers auction third party-certified comics, original comic art, and more. That’s cash up front, at no cost, before we sell a single thing!”

Recent additions to Event Auction 58 include Action Comics #1 as the start of several Golden Age firsts, including the JSA’s first gathering in All Star Comics #3, Robin the Boy Wonder’s debut in Detective Comics #38, and Superman’s first published appearance in More Fun Comics #31. There’s also the Silver Age equivalent of Action Comics #1 with Spider-Man’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 5.0, 3.5, and 2.5. Bronze Age finds include a Giant-Size X-Men #1 9.9 and a rare Star Wars #1 35¢ price variant.

The original art lineup includes a Frank Frazetta Thun’da, King of the Congo #1 page, Jack Kirby’s Thor #150, Neal Adam’s signed Thor #69 cover, Rob Liefeld’s X-Force #5 half-splash, and John Byrne’s Iron Fist #15 half-splash of a meeting between Wolverine and Danny Rand, and his X-Men vs Magneto and Juggernaut battle illustration. There’s also the classic team up of Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson depicting Superman vs. Super-Slime in a Superman #246 page from ’71.

“Our May 20 deadline for consignors is coming up fast, but ComicConnect still has room for more collectibles. Advance checks go out the door as quickly as I get the comics and comics art,” Zurzolo said.

Original art consignors can reach Micah Spivak at micahs@comicconnect.com, and sellers can reach the ComicConnect staff by emailing peterb@comicconnect.com or by calling (212) 260-4147 or (888) 779-7377.