A sealed high grade copy of World Games, Wolverine’s debut, and Amazing Spider-Man art by John Byrne and Dan Green are featured in Heritage’s weekly auctions. The Comic Books Select Auction closes on Sunday through Tuesday, June 9-11, 2024, Video Games Mini-Boss Auction ends on Tuesday, June 11, and the Comic Art & Animation Auction wraps up on Wednesday, June 12.

The video game auction includes World Games WATA 9.4 A+ sealed for NES based on athletic events from around the world, and is the highest graded copy in Wata’s March 2024 population report. The Castlevania Anniversary Collection VGA 95 mint sealed for PlayStation 4 contains eight entries from the game series.

In the comic auction, Heritage is offering The Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.4 with Wolverine’s first full appearance who appears with the Incredible Hulk on the iconic cover. Fantastic Four #10 CGC 9.0 takes a meta turn by showing creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on the cover with the characters.

The original art auction is highlighted by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer’s Captain America #135 half-splash page 13 art showing Dr. Gorbo drinking his serum and transforming into a monster ape. John Byrne and Dan Green’s Amazing Spider-Man #15 double-page spread 6-7 features Spider-Man sneaking into Dr. Doom’s castle to save Mary Jane.