ComicConnect’s Event Auction 58 is now live with 1,700 items up for bid, including nearly 1,300 comic books from every era, over 300 pieces of original art, and other memorabilia ranging from animation cels to Golden Age legal documents.

Event Auction 58 offers first appearances and early keys with Superman’s debut in Action Comics #1, Superman #1, Wonder Woman’s first appearance in All Star Comics #8, the first Silver Age Flash in Showcase #4 6.5, and Spider-Man’s introduction in Amazing Fantasy #15. The firsts continue with The Avengers #1 8.5 and Fantastic Four #1 3.5 and #4 7.0 (first Silver Age Sub-Mariner), House of Secrets #92 8.0 (first Swamp Thing), and Jackpot Comics #4 (first Miss Grundy).

Some of the big Bronze Age highlights in Event Auction 58 are Giant-Size X-Men #1 9.9, Wolverine: Limited Series #1 10.0, and Daredevil #168 9.8 (first Elektra, newsstand edition). Silver Age keys are Batman #181 9.8 (Poison Ivy’s debut), and classic covers on Sub-Mariner #1, Fantastic Four #15, and Amazing Spider-Man #97. The line-up of Golden Age greats feature a census-topping line-up of Star Spangled Comics and Wonderworld Comics (and the legally-challenged Wonder Comics #2), plus an extremely rare More Fun Comics #31 9.6 with Superman’s first published appearance in an Action Comics #1 ad.

John Byrne leads the original art with his first sketch of Wolverine out of Iron Fist #15, a recreation of his classic back cover for Wolverine #1, and 1995 Marvel/DC crossover Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger featuring Silver Surfer. Additional art includes Todd McFarlane’s Incredible Hulk #341 signed page showing a brawling Man-Bull, John Buscema’s Avengers #75 with a line-up of heroes, Scott Williams’ Wolverine #1 variant cover, and Daniel Warren Johnson’s acclaimed cover for Vanish #1.

Other collectibles in Event Auction 58 are Neal Adams’ lost ad work for Con-Tact paper, featuring licensed renderings including Marvel and DC superheroes, Bugs Bunny, and Battlestar Galactica characters. Hank Ketcham’s style is captured in an inscribed and signed 1956 single-panel Dennis the Menace cartoon. Sword-and-sorcery star Mark Schultz pays tribute to his influences through a signed illustration of Caroline Munro in 1973’s The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, and there’s an unused Joe Gallagher page for 1940’s Atom saved from the files of All-American Comics.

Sessions for ComicConnect’s Event Auction 58 will close as follows:

Session 1: (original art/memorabilia) ends June 24
Session 2: (pulps, foreign comics / Aces High - All Select Comics) ends June 25
Session 3: (All Star Comics - Fantastic Four Annual) ends June 26
Session 4: (Feature Comics - Spawn) ends June 27
Session 5: (Space Adventures - Zip Comics) ends June 28

ComicConnect is now seeking consignors for Event Auction 59; Vincent Zurzolo and Micah Spivak will attend Heroes Con (booth 1268) on June 14-16 in Charlotte, NC. Consignors can reach out to peterb@comicconnect.com about comics and original art, or they can call (212) 260-4147 or (888) 779-7377.