ComicConnect had a “wildly successful Event Auction 58,” according to the auction house, and set multiple records across comic ages.

Event Auction 58 highlights included an Action Comics #1 5.5 Restored setting a record for the grade at $379,579, and Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC 9.9 (first appearances of Storm, Colossus, and others) achieved the book’s first six-figure sale when it realized $170,000.

The classic Detective Comics #31 5.0 set a record when it sold for $174,340, Superman #1 2.0 topped $196,005, and high grade runs of Wonderworld Comics and Star Spangled Comics established new sales highs for multiple copies. The scarce More Fun Comics #31 topped six figures at $105,000, Wonder Comics #2 9.2 closed at $89,700, and Detective Comics #168 9.0 (Joker’s origin) set a new record in the grade at $80,169.

Bronze Age favorites topped EA58’s original art sales, as John Romita Sr.’s signed cover featuring Nightshade’s debut in Captain America #164 sold for $105,800. Adam Kubert’s depiction of Wolverine and Deadpool’s first meeting in Wolverine #88 totaled $54,050, and John Byrne’s first Wolverine illustration in an Iron Fist #15 half-splash cleared $39,962. Wallace Wood’s alien vista from Creepy #38’s “The Cosmic All” reached $28,493, and Bill LeFever’s 1978 art of Judge Dredd’s ride raced to $20,987.

ComicConnect has already launched the first preview of the upcoming July Mega Monthly Auction, and will soon be on the road to meet consignors for comics, original art, and other collectibles for September’s Event Auction 59. Sellers can reach out to peterb@comicconnect.com, or call (212) 260-4147 or (888) 779-7377.