Heritage’s weekly auctions are offering Jean Grey’s transformation into Phoenix, Peter Bollinger’s X-Men trading card art, and a copy of the rare Artillery Duel ColecoVision game. The Comic Books Select Auction ends on Sunday through Tuesday, July 14-16, 2024, the Video Games Mini-Boss Auction closes on Tuesday, July 16, and the Comic Art & Animation Auction wraps up on Wednesday, July 17.

The comic auction kicks off with X-Men #101 CGC 9.0 with the pivotal moment that the meek Jean Grey transforms into the cosmically powered Phoenix (introduced by Dave Cockrum’s striking cover). MAD #24 VG- is the important issue when the magazine adopted a new format after the creation of the Comics Code Authority.

In the original art auction, Heritage is selling Peter Bollinger’s 1994 Fleer Ultra X-Men #13 Cyber trading card painting of Wolverine with his adamantium arms and claws curled and read to fight. John Buscema and Tom Palmer’s The Avengers #278 story page 10 art shows the Wasp and She-Hulk organizing things at headquarters while fantasizing about a vacation.

The video game auction is led by the rarely offered Artillery Duel WATA 7.5 A+ sealed for ColecoVision featuring the two-player version of the game adapted from the Bally Astrocade classic. For the sports game fans, Heritage has a copy of the hockey game Blades of Steel VGA 80+ for NES featuring a Wayne Gretzky lookalike on the cover.