Hake’s premier Auction #241 kicked off on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, offering 2,120 lots of Americana and pop culture collectibles. The auction is packed with political memorabilia, vintage baseball cards, comics and original art, action figures, and so much more. Once again, Hake’s pulled out all the stops in their Star Wars section with some of the rarest, highest graded examples of action figures and more.

The Meccano Star Wars Luke Skywalker 20-back AFA 80 comes with the French square card-back. The 6-1/4” x 7” card showcases art of Luke Skywalker on the front with multiple characters and vehicles depicted on the back. This is the single highest graded example of the very rare figure, according to the current AFA Population Report.

The Star Wars Action Figures bell hanger advertising store display sign AFA 95 Mint comes with the original shipping carton and hardware. The 18” x 20-1/4” bell-shaped cardboard hanging sign features Kenner’s first 20 Star Wars action figures with a larger “actual size” image of Boba Fett shown in the center. The sign is being offered with original cardboard shipping carton, interior cardboard sleeve, printed set up instructions for mobile/hanging display, wire stanchion and mounting hardware, and an unused Kenner questionnaire card.

Another incredible piece in the auction is The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett sample card with Princess Leia figure (Boushh disguise) 48-back-A AFA 75 salesman sample. Produced for Kenner’s Return of the Jedi toy line, the sample includes two of Star Wars’ most popular characters. Extremely rare, this is the only known example of this unique sample variation.

The Jawa 12-back-A AFA 90 NM/Mint is the rare, early vinyl cape variety before it was changed to the cloth cape, and is one of the highest graded examples. “A variety of factors add up to make this the nicest example of this highly coveted Star Wars action figure we have ever offered, including an unpunched card and no discoloration to the vinyl cape. A winning combination that is very hard to beat,” Hake’s description reads.

The Millenium Falcon Spaceship AFA 80 is detailed and packed with exciting attributes. It contains the ship with “battle alert” action sound, folding landing gears and entrance ramp, opening cockpit, removable rear hatch, secret hiding compartment, space chess game table, practice “remote” ball, revolving radar dish, and clicking laser gun with seat. This is a scarcely found high grade, sealed example that rarely comes up for sale.

Star Wars highlights include another bell hanger advertising store display sign AFA 90, the Boba Fett rocket-firing prototype loose accessory four-sided rocket AFA ng, a Star Wars three-pack Series 1 box flat AFA 80+, Miro-Meccano Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett 18-back (French square card-back) AFA 40, Power of the Force Anakin Skywalker 92-back AFA 80, and Glasslite Star Wars: Droids Vlix AFA 30.

The Star Wars listings continue with the action display stand (special offer) AFA 75, Luke Skywalker 12-back-C AFA 50 (double-telescoping version), Toltoys Stormtrooper 12-back AFA 75+ (metric sticker), sonic controlled Land Speeder AFA 80 (JC Penney exclusive), Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker 41-back-E AFA 60 (orange hair variety), Empire Strikes Back R2-D2 (with periscope) Sears blank back AFA 70 (Kenner Canada), Return of the Jedi Emperor’s Royal Guard sample card with Teebo 65-back-B AFA 75, and Power of the Force IG-88 92-back proof card AFA 80+.

Hake’s Auction #241 is open for bids now through Tuesday and Wednesday, July 30-31 at hakes.com.