Ninjak is the type of comic book hero with amazing skills and no superpowers. He is incredibly smart and a great tactician, a master of martial arts, skilled with swords and other weapons, proficient with high-tech gadgetry, and he is a computer hacker. The Valiant Comics superhero is a ninja and a spy who has been a top MI-6 field operative.

Introduced as Colin King in Bloodshot #6 (July 1993), he was revealed as Ninjak in the following issue. Colin was created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada who introduced him as a wealthy man and son of a spy whose father was killed by a rival agent.

He trained as a ninja for years, took the identity of Ninjak, and started working for Weaponeer, an organization that creates special weapons and provides security. By working for Weaponeer, he continued building his skills, learning how to use high-tech and customized gadgets and weapons.

While he was working with Weaponeer, they were attacked by Doctor Silk and Webnet, a group of powerful figures from industrial, financial, and technical institutions. Webnet destroyed Weaponeer, killing everyone but Ninjak.

He considered retiring as Ninjak until Neville Alcott, one of his father’s MI-6 colleagues, convinced him to work for British Intelligence as a freelancer. Now working with MI-6, Ninjak began his association with Valiant superheroes like Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Geomancer, and Eternal Warrior.