Owlwoman, aka Wenonah Littlebird, is a Native American superheroine who has enhanced senses, the ability to see in the dark, the power to fly, and sharp retractable claws that she uses in battle. She was created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Keith Giffen, and J.M. DeMatteis, who introduced her in Crisis on Infinite #12 (March 1986).

Using the abilities bestowed upon her by her Cherokee tribe, Wenonah became Owlwoman, with the goal of protecting Native American communities from tribal crimes. Her acts of heroism drew the attention of Dr. Mist, who was planning to build a team of international heroes to protect the entire planet. Owlwoman joined the Global Guardians, and would fight alongside heroes from around the world and members of the Justice League.

When the United Nations pulled their funding, Owlwoman and Jack O’Lantern took drastic measures by convincing Queen Bee to brainwash the team into moving operations to the Middle Eastern nation, Bialya. The deal with Queen Bee would put the team in her home country and Owlwoman and Jack O’Lantern would act as team leaders. But, their plans backfired and Queen Bee brainwashed Owlwoman too so that she could have full control over the Global Guardians.

Dr. Mist, who had been separated from the team, sensed that they were in danger and came to their rescue. He found Owlwoman and Jack O’Lantern, freeing them from Queen Bee’s control, and the team fled Bialya. They sought help from Seraph, Rising Sun, and Tasmanian Devil to free the rest of the team from the brainwashing and they set out to create a new base of operations. Since then, she helped Wonder Woman stop the Circe’s forces and continued to be a part of the Global Guardians.