Monica Jim, aka Animalia is a young psiot and member of Generation Zero. The Valiant Entertainment character was created by Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans in Harbinger Wars #1 (April 2013).

As Animalia, Monica can create animals and animal body parts with no limitations on type, size, or shape of the animal. She can psionically manifest the creations into the physical world without morphing into them herself. The constructs give her the animal’s strengths and abilities, but she remains vulnerable to physical harm.

Once her psionic powers manifested when she was a child, Animalia was taken by Project Rising Spirit to be used as a child soldier. Because of her isolated upbringing, the only animals she saw were in children’s books and on television, so the animals she creates tend to look like cartoons.

She dealt with being held captive by creating imaginary friends Boran the Puppy Pirate, Humble Bumble, Samurai Sue, and Skeleton Pelican. Eventually, Animalia and the rest of Generation Zero were rescued by Bloodshot.