Mera’s comic adventures primarily happen in the ocean where she can manipulate water, swim at extremely fast speeds, and possesses superstrength. She debuted 60 years ago in Aquaman #11 (September 1963), as a creation of Jack Miller and Nick Cardy.

Mera was the Queen of Dimension Aqua, the Queen of Atlantis, and wife of Aquaman. When Leron took control of her kingdom, she fled to Earth where she met Aquaman and Aqualad. Leron chased after her, capturing both Mera and Aquaman, and imprisoning them in Dimension Aqua. The water spirit Quisp helped free the pair, Aquaman defeated Leron, and Mera abdicated the throne to Queen V’lana. She returned to Atlantis where she married Aquaman and the pair had a son, Arthur Jr., who became known as Aquababy.

Years later, Black Manta kidnapped Aquababy inside of a special tank that would suffocate him. On Vulko’s advice, Mera traveled to her homeworld to meet Xebel and procure the materials for a special device that would heal her son. But, she arrived there to find that Leron had wrested control again and had thrown Xebel and the components she needed into the Great Pit. She traversed the pit, stopped Leron, and got the device, but tragically, she arrived home to find that her son was dead.

Devastated by the loss, Mera and Aquaman’s relationship suffered, which wasn’t helped when he left to reform the Justice League. She became unstable, blamed Aquaman for their son’s death, and attacked him. While defending himself during the fight, Aquaman pushed Mera away, unintentionally impaling her on a piece of metal. He believed she was dead, going so far as to putting her in a coffin, but she survived. She emerged from her coffin, confronted Aquaman again, and decided to leave Earth and return to Dimension Aqua.