Jennifer Pierce, aka Lightning is a metahuman with shocking powers that can light up any room. She can generate and manipulate electricity, like her father, the superhero Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning. Jennifer was created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross who introduced her in the miniseries Kingdom Come #1 (May 1996).

She inherited the metagene from her father and gained powers during her teen years, though at first, she struggled to control them. When the powers manifested, she couldn’t help but damage electronic devices, making it necessary that she avoid things like phones and TV.

Jefferson forbad his daughters from becoming superheroes until after they finish school, but Anissa, the elder daughter, ignored this and became Thunder. In the hope of offering Jennifer more guidance, he contacted allies at the Justice Society of America to seek their help in training her. Once she joined the team, Jennifer connected with other teen heroes, becoming friends with Stargirl and Cyclone, and becoming romantically interested in Jakeem Thunder.

Lightning helped to fight the Black Lantern invasion in the Blackest Night series and joined a team put together by Wonder Woman to stop an alien invasion in Washington, DC. She was instrumental in defeating the villain Scythe who had caused significant damage in Monument Point.