In the fantasy/space opera Saga, Gwendolyn is a wreath warrior with love and revenge on her mind. A creation of Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples, Gwendolyn has magical abilities, including pyrokinesis and electrokinesis.

When Gwendolyn was introduced in Saga #8 (December 2012), she was engaged to marry Marko, who was shipped off to war as part of the Wreath militia, and sent him letters of encouragement. Unfortunately for her, Marko met Alana and married her, going so far as to give her the ring he was going to give to Gwendolyn. Wanting revenge for being dumped, she asked The Will to help find Marko, but he only agreed to do it if she would first help him free Sophie, aka Slave Girl, from captivity.

During their journey to find Marko, the group was temporarily marooned on a strange planet that caused them to hallucinate. This resulted in The Will trying to kiss Gwen, Sophie stabbing The Will, and Gwen tying up Sophie to prevent further harm. Gwen got both her and the injured Will back on his ship, this time hoping to find Marko so that he could save The Will.

After finally finding Marko and Alana, Gwen learned that his spells wouldn’t work on The Will. In her anger she tried to kill Alana, but she was knocked out during the confrontation, giving the couple time to flee.

Gwendolyn and Sophie were then joined by Lying Cat and stole a powerful elixir that could help The Will. Soon they met The Will’s sister, The Brand, who informed them that the last ingredient they’d need to save her brother would be dangerous to acquire. They traveled to Demimonde to procure dragon semen for the cure and Gwen used her translation pendant to communicate with the dragons.

The only one male dragon happened to be a rather mean one, and when Sophie stubbornly tried to retrieve what they needed, she woke the dragon. The Brand saved Sophie and was bitten in half for her heroism, so Gwen shocked the dragon to successfully complete their mission. Gwen and Sophie returned to The Will and saved him, but he was furious that his sister died to get the antidote.