Garbage Pail Kids are sticker trading cards designed as parodies of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. Each card features a character with some abnormality or odd characteristics, coupled with a name that uses word play to describe their condition. Many are comically absurd, some are made for grossout effect, there are horror-themed cards, and some that poke fun at pop culture. They are produced by Topps and were introduced in 1985.

The series was conceived by cartoonist Art Spiegelman who was working with Topps as a consultant. Having seen success with his Garbage Can-dy and Wacky Packages, Spiegelman wanted to create Wacky Packages stickers. Instead of going that route, Topps wanted to create a separate series, leading to the Garbage Pail Kids. Spiegelman was joined by cartoonist Mark Newgarden to be the art directors and editors on the project, with Len Brown as the manager of the project, featuring art by John Pound.

Two cards were produced for each character with variations in the art and a different name. The stickers were made as die-cuts so that only the character, name, and logo would peel off of the card. Some cards also included puzzle pieces on the back that create a larger image when placed side by side and top to bottom.

The sticker cards were popular with kids and offered artists the creative opportunity to be clever and comically juvenile. There were 15 card sets in the original series, then they were rebooted in 2003, dubbed the All-New Series. In 2010, Topps released the 25th anniversary Flashback set, then the 30th anniversary set came out in 2015. There have been several other special sets released over the years, and no doubt a 40th anniversary edition could be on the way in 2025.