The Walking Dead had an influx of new characters when the main group joined the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and none had a bigger impact than Aaron. Introduced as a kind optimist, Aaron was a recruiter who brought new citizens to the Alexandria Safe-Zone and became the longest lasting Alexandria character in the comic. He was created by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, who introduced him in The Walking Dead #67 (November 2009).

The Alexandria Safe-Zone had been established as a quarantine refuge for politicians when the outbreak happened. Its residents were well protected and seeking to build their community with other survivors. Aaron and his boyfriend Eric were tasked with bringing in new members, they found Rick Grimes and his group, and convinced them to join Alexandria.

On another outing, Eric was stabbed by a woman they were trying to recruit, so the couple decided to stop working outside the walls, instead they handled the inventory of food and supplies. Eventually they started going outside the community again to scavenge more supplies. It was during one of those outings that they met Paul “Jesus” Monroe and agreed to join an alliance with the Hilltop Colony. Unfortunately, that also put Alexandria on the radar of major series villain Negan and the Saviors. Eric was killed in one of their battles with the Saviors, and a heartbroken Aaron vowed to avenge his death no matter what.

Two years after they defeated the Saviors, Aaron was leading walkers away from Alexandria when he was attacked by the Whisperers and stabbed. He was taken to the Hilltop to recover where he grew close to Jesus and the pair began a relationship. When the Whisperers attacked Hilltop, Aaron rescued Carl Grimes and eventually he shot and killed the Whisperers’ second in command Beta, ending their conflict.

Their next major villain came in the form of the Commonwealth. While the community seemed safe and civilized, its leaders established an unfair class system and formed a military to enforce their will. Aaron and Jesus joined the civilians to help overthrow the leaders and bring order to the community. The comic ended with a jump 25 years into the future where Aaron and Jesus were among the few survivors of the main group, living a peaceful life on a farm.