Though the series ended with its long-heralded conclusion in Cerebus #300, there’s still no end to the attention paid to Dave Sim’s independent comic book title or its central character.

One of the neat ways the character was celebrated, though, could almost be forgotten by those who don’t own one of the pieces because you simply just don’t see them changing hands!

In 1994, the well-known Lone Star Comics chain of specialty shops in Texas teamed up with Sim and produced a Cerebus mug, in an effort to promote the character (and, in particular, the successful “phone book” sized collections of Cerebus issues).

The mug features a two-color illustration of Cerebus by Sim on one side, and a dialogue balloon and the Lone Star Comics logo on the opposite side. Since the mugs were only offered in the Dallas - Ft. Worth region, even some die-hard Cerebus fans don’t know about it.