In the early 1990s, Marvel Comics acquired the rights to Malibu Comics and its line of Ultraverse characters. Although this line was initially cancelled, Marvel later relaunched a number of the more popular titles, along with creating several crossovers with Marvel titles. But in 2017, one Malibu character became the first to appear in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Do you know who this is?

Topaz, created by Mike W. Barr, made her Malibu Comics debut in Malibu Ashcan: UltraForce (June 1994). A warrior Queen, Topaz hailed from the extradimensional realm of Gwendor – which was run entirely by women. After an alien spacecraft crashed into Gwedor, the resulting collision opened a series of pan-dimensional gateways. One such gateway briefly connected Gwendor to the Ultraverse, leaving Topaz stranded in a peculiar world. Unlike her home planet, this world saw men believing themselves equal or even superior to women. While struggling to come to terms with this blasphemous notion, Topaz was calmed by Ultraforce member, Pixx.

Pixx reassured Topaz by explaining that males of this system have fragile egos, so allowing them to believe they are in power is preferable. Although placated by Pixx’s words, as a female supremacist, Topaz strongly believes that males are inherently inferior to women. Nonetheless, she agrees to join Pixx and the rest of Ultraforce, despite the team leader being the male – Hardcase. Topaz is a fearsome addition to the team with her enhanced strength, stamina, and durability. She also wields a power staff that can project unbelievably powerful blasts of energy. As a skilled warrior, Topaz is adept at fighting even superhuman opponents and is highly agile and athletic.

During her time with the Ultraforce, Topaz’s hot-temper against men is easily sparked when she feels she is being talked down to or witnesses acts of chauvinism. Pixx is her greatest ally within the team, although over time she grudgingly starts to respect Hardcase as a warrior. The rest of the males on the team however she considers beneath her notice. In a later storyline, Topaz and the Ultraforce were extracted from the Ultraverse by the Grandmaster. Placed in his battle arena, the team was forced to fight against the Avengers. An epic showdown placed Topaz against Black Widow, before she was ultimately defeated. 

In 2017’s film Thor: Ragnarok, Rachel House portrayed Topaz for her MCU debut. Despite the comic character’s deep hatred for patriarchy, the film saw Topaz as a high-level assistant to Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster, who was also engaged in an intense rivalry with Valkyrie.