In the Limelight

During Texas Frightmare, Scoop, stopped by Judy Geeson’s table. She talked about the breadth of her career from To Sir, With Love to recently starring in Rob Zombie horror flicks, talking to fans, and what kind of horror movies she enjoys.

Scoop: Are you having a good time this weekend?
Judy Geeson (JG): I am. I’m always happy to be in Dallas. I like it.

Scoop: What have fans been asking you about?
JG: Actually, what’s been interesting is there’s been a few guys who’ve brought me photographs of things I’ve never seen of the movies I made in the late ’60s and ’70s and that’s fabulous. Images I’ve never seen.

Scoop: You mentioned that you’ve been acting since the ’60s and ’70s, thinking across your career, do you recall any certain films that were the most memorable or had the biggest impact on you?
JG: The first film I made, To Sir, With Love, was the most life-changing, to me. It was a very happy experience. I look back on it with joy and love for it. I think the role I enjoyed playing the most was in Three Into Two Won’t Go with Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom. I think that was, for me, the best role I was given.

Scoop: In The Lords of Salem you had a bunch of iconic actresses together. What was the energy like on set?
JG: Oh! It was really exciting! It was very, very good. We got on very well. We had a ball.

Scoop: Did you go out in public while filming and freak people out in costume?
JG: No, but you remember in Lords of Salem, for the most part we were in normal dress. But I can tell you what happened to me in this one. [Points to 31 poster.] We were shooting downtown in LA in a parking lot. We were actually shooting in the area, in the parking lot, so you couldn’t really tell that a movie was being made. We were shooting in a theater and we had to go in the back way so we wouldn’t be seen. I have a very, very big white dog. Shaggy dog. I’m completely in white – white wig, white clothes, and white shoes and white face with pink lips and pink cheeks. And I’ve got to walk him. So I leave the parking lot and I go onto Broadway – major street – and a bus comes along. Absolutely everybody’s face just went [mimics surprise and shock] because they couldn’t work it out.

Scoop: [Laughing] That’s great!
JG: I know! It was fun. [laughs]

Scoop: Can you give me a teaser about 31?
JG: Oh, gosh! I don’t know that I can. I can tell you that I loved working with Malcolm [McDowell]. I’ve known Malcolm since I was 17 and we never worked together.

Scoop: Do you like horror movies as a viewer?
JG: I like thrillers. One of my favorite horror movies was Rosemary’s Baby by [Roman] Polanski. I’m passionate about [Alfred] Hitchcock. I’m more into that. I’ve never been into blood.

Scoop: The thrillers and the psychological films can be so much scarier because they really get creative. 
JG: For me, they are.