Blade Runner Aahna “Ash” Ashina is back for a new 12-issue series in Blade Runner 2039. From Titan Comics and Alcon Publishing, the series will conclude the comic trilogy event, following Blade Runner 2019 and Blade Runner 2029.

Ash will clash with Niander Wallace’s dangerous “First Angel” who was introduced in the film, Blade Runner 2049.

“Los Angeles 2039. It has been three years since Niander Wallace introduced his brand of ‘perfectly obedient’ Replicants, and the ban on synthetic humans has been lifted, at least for the new Wallace models – the older Tyrell Corp’s Nexus 8 units are still hunted by Blade Runners. Cleo Selwyn, first seen as a small child in BR2019, Issue #1, has returned to LA some 20 years later, searching for Isobel, a Replicant copy of her real mother who died when she was 3. Cleo believes that Niander Wallace is holding Isobel captive, and the only person she can call on for help is the one who saved her so many years ago: Aahna ‘Ash’ Ashina, now an aging and disgraced ex-Blade Runner,” Titan’s description states.

The core creative team of writer Mike Johnson (Supergirl), artist Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark), and colorist Marco Lesko are back for the new story.

“This new series marks both the continuation as well as the conclusion of Ash’s story, which started in Blade Runner 2019. It’s going to be the most dramatic of the series, and that’s saying a lot after what went down in Blade Runner 2029,” Titan Comics Senior Creative Editor David Leach said. “It’s great to be working with Johnson, Guinaldo and Lesko again, these guys are what makes it scream Blade Runner!”

“It’s refreshing to have a comic character to grow and evolve the way Ash has,” Alcon’s Director of Publishing Jeff Conner said. “Mike and Andres are really doing something special. Fans of the series should be very pleased.”

The first issue features variant art covers by Junggeun Yoon, Veronica Fish, and Butch Guice, and a concept art cover by Syd Mead. Blade Runner 2039 #1 will be in comic shops in December 2022.