The graphic novel is the source for not just one, but a handful of solid Marvel Comics trivia items.

Aside from the story itself, this original graphic novel is interesting for several reasons.

  • First, it was published as part of the same series as Origins of Marvel Comics, Son of Origins, Bring On The Bad Guys, and others, but it’s the only one to feature original material.
  • Second, it’s certainly a bit odd the first original graphic novel from Marvel wasn’t published by Marvel, but rather by the Fireside Books imprint of Simon and Schuster.
  • Third, according to the indicia, the work is copyrighted to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, not Marvel (is that why it never gets a reprint?).
  • Fourth, it introduces a new female character, Ardina (who was somewhat echoed in appearance years later by Frankie Raye, when she became the herald of Galactus). 

Additionally, of the different instances in which the origin of the Silver Surfer has been revisited, this original graphic novel is the first time it was done without the Fantastic Four and the only time it was done by his creators, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Another character, one Galactus calls “my Master of Guile,” also appears, conjured by the planet-eater from “…the recess of my own brooding mind…”

As usual with the Surfer, it’s a morality play about sacrifice, aspiration, and potential pitted against humanity’s track record and the gnawing hunger of Galactus.

Both Lee and Kirby were still in fine form for this one, and one can sense Stan putting in the effort to match Jack’s explosive cosmic imagery in this extended format.